Quiz Results: Getting a grasp on how Storyline communicates with an LMS

Aug 28, 2019

I am making a course that is more skill-building and giving my learners a few multiple choice questions to test their knowledge before having them write their own individual answers in a survey-based, open-ended question (which I have staff to give individual feedback on later).

For the MCQs, I am routing the questions to be taken an unlimited number of times until they get it right.  They will be given the next question once they select the correct answer.  I want them to get the answer right before moving on to the open-ended question, but I would like to know how many attempts they took to get there.  Will any LMS do this? Or might it always register as only "one attempt" because I have them stay on the question until they get it right?

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Holley Berley

Hi Delia,

If you are publishing in SCORM, I believe the results sent by Storyline will register as one attempt, so the report would show that the learner answered the questions correctly so long as they finished the quiz (how this looks on the report varies by LMS).  What you are looking for may be something you can accomplish with xAPI, but the end reporting result for that would also depend on your LMS.

Randy Hill

Your best bet would be to use SCORM 2004. This will push over your question and answer detail per submit (each time the submit button is pressed). Most LMS's that I have worked with will show each answer with a number 0,1, or 2 next to is depending on which try it was. We generally allow 2 attempts per question so we only see 0, or 1. 0 being the first try, 1 being the second. You can get this information sometimes with 1.2 but most LMS's don't read the information correctly and it gets jumbled up. 

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