Quiz Results not bookmarking correctly

Jul 27, 2016

Hi all. 

I have come across a very bizarre issue that seems to be a occurring in a couple of my recent storyline courses. The problem i'm having is that my quiz score/percentage is changing once I exit and return to the course. Let me paint the picture...

I take a quiz (10 questions), say I get 6 questions correct. My feedback screen at the end presents me with a score of 60% along with the LMS is also stating that i have scored 60%. This is fine. However, when i exit the course from the feedback screen and then re-open it, if I decide to resume the course from where I left off, for some unknown reason my percentage will have changed to 40% along with the LMS also updating itself to a score of 40%. If I exit and return once more, the percentage remains as 40%. This will not change again no matter how many times I exit the course and reopen it, unless of course I choose to retake the quiz and "reset the results". 

I have checked the suspend data and am certainly no way near to exceeding the SCORM 1.2 to character limit of 4096. I have also tried to replicate the issue on scorm cloud by publishing to SCORM 2004 and have been successful in doing so. 

I have checked all my questions to ensure they are reporting to the correct results slide and variable, alongside ensuring that each questions only adds 1 point if the user is correct. The strangest thing is that this issue has no pattern. Every time I take the quiz, I am presented with a correct percentage initially, but  is then replaced by a completely different percentage once reentering the course (for the first time only). 50% has become 44.44%, 40% has become 20%, 50% has become 70%.  There is no consistency which is making this bug very difficult to figure out. 

As i've said, this only happens on the first time you exit the course, reopen it and resume from where you left off. After that, the percentage remains as the incorrect score until I reset my results and retake the quiz. 

I am not able to upload this course to here due to the content being private. 

Any advice would be really helpful.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tim!

I'm not able to locate if Alex reached out to our support team. If you need us to take a look, you are welcome to share your file here.

If you were hoping to chat with Alex, be sure to reach out via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile if you do not hear back from him soon as he may no longer be subscribed to this thread.

Tim Milke

Special thanks to Cleo at Articulate support for helping on this one. 

I was right in my suspicion that this had something to do with a question pool.  When we were doing 1 question per slide, we got in the habit of setting the revisit properties to "reset to initial", so that the answer wouldn't be saved/pre-selected on a quiz re-take.

The question pool looks to work a bit differently.  Apparently, when re-opening the course (bookmarking to the results slide), the score calculated again, but since some slides were set to "reset to initial", those answers were cleared.  By changing revisit to "auto decide" or "resume saved", the scoring was fixed.

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