Quiz Results: Separated by Topic

Jul 13, 2018

I am working on a test preparation course and throughout the course we present various scenarios with questions attached to them. At the end of the course we will be presenting the quiz results and then asking learners to build their own study plan for working on their weak areas. The test itself is broken down into three main topic and each question is linked to a topic. 

What I'd love to do is have the quiz results page list learner's percentage of correct per topic instead of or in addition to the full quiz. So if they got 5 of 10 for Topic 1, the results would say Topic 1 50%, Topic 2 90% and Topic 3 20%, thus the learner would know to spend more time reviewing topics 1 and 3 prior to taking their exam.

I just have no idea how to do that. Has anyone done something similar to this? I don't think that functionality exists with a typical quiz, and I don't think I could manage it with variables. 

In the old version of the course they provided a sheet with the questions separated by topic and the learner filled in their scores by hand (attached). I am just hoping this technology has improved enough for me to provide it for them!

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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