Test Questions - issues with re-taking and review of specific questions

Aug 09, 2016

Hi, I've created 4 question banks in a course with 4 questions in each bank. The quiz pulls 2 questions from each bank. I'm seeing two issues with the 3rd and 4th question banks that I can't figure out. The first two question banks are working fine and I can't find the difference between the working ones and the others. Any help would be very appreciated!

- I take the test and answer a few questions incorrectly. When re-taking the test, the questions from banks 1 & 2 are reset and can be re-answered. The questions from banks 2 & 3 don't reset and don't allow you to re-answer them. All you can do is click the submit button to move past them.

- After completing the test, it's set to be able to review the results. Questions from bank 1 & 2 show 'correct' or 'incorrect' status along the bottom. Questions from bank 3 & 4 don't show any status.


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