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Nedim Ramic

It appears that you have created total of 3 result slides, deleted 2 and used 1. You may have then somehow mismatched the Storyline built-in variables used to report a score on this result slide. You can rename it in the quiz settings to "Quiz" to match the name of your first generated result slide. It will work. Just be aware that in this case the Storyline may generate another error after adding next result slide the you may need for your next quiz. You can ignore this error but, just to be safe, if that happens I suggest undoing renaming part and generating a new result slide. 



Steven Benassi

Hi Mona!

Sorry to hear you've hit a snag with your results slide not loading!

I see that you've been getting some great help from Nedim, and also opened a support case. Smart move! It looks like you connected with my teammate Fannie May and shared that your issue has been resolved. Glad to hear it!

If you run into any setbacks moving forward, feel free to reach out through your support case and we'd be happy to assist!