Quiz Retakes Not Randomising in LMS

Sep 15, 2020

Hi Group

I've seen disturbing behaviour in Storyline 3 (SL3), in a scored, randomised, question bank quiz environment.

I have a pretty standard setup with 8 question banks, where each bank is tracked with its own Results Slide (i.e. 8 child results slides), reporting to a master Results Slide that reports to the LMS.

The quiz has a Retake Quiz option that's offered to the learner on a fail; it's the usual setup where the quiz is reset and we jump back to a start screen of sorts via a couple of triggers.

This all works as expected in the LMS; the learner fails, presses the Retake button and a bunch of new questions are drawn from the banks and the learner goes around again.

The problem occurs after the Retake button has been pressed (i.e. we're into a new bunch of questions) AND we close down the course and then resume it. In this case, the quiz resumes with the original questions. I.e. if the learner closes in the midst of a quiz retake, it's like the second (or third or fourth...) question set gets forgotten and it resumes with the original questions.

I assume that the randomised question set is written in the Suspend Data? If this is so, it's almost like the Suspend Data isn't getting updated with the new set of questions in a retake situation.

In this case the LMS is a SCORM Cloud free account.

Has anyone seen behaviour like this before?

Thanks for any input.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Peter,

Thanks for sharing this detailed explanation of what you're running into, and I'm sorry this is slowing you down!

I've seen similar issues in regards to retrying a question bank quiz but would like to involve our support engineers to test your file and nail down what's happening behind the scenes here.

I've opened a case on your behalf. Would you be able to share it using your personal upload link here?

Peter Brown

In case anyone finds this in future, it turns out it was the suspend data being too big for the SCORM 1.2 threshold of 4k.

The volume of questions (40 in my case)  along with the other resume information pushed the suspend data size out to about 4.5k, so it wasn't being accepted by the LMS.

Background and possible work-arounds can be found here.

Thanks to the fantastic Articulate support guys for so quickly confirming where the problem was.

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