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Apr 23, 2013

A 10-question quiz at the end of a course is easy to retry, but when the questions are spread throughout the content, is there any option, workaround, or technique that would allow the learner to take only the quiz questions without having to review all the course content?


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Josh Uhlig

I believe you could do this with variables and some appropriate triggers. 

  1. Set some true/false variables (initially set to false) on each of the question slides - should be one variable for each question
  2. Add a condition that the variable is equal to false to the current trigger that jumps to the next slide 
  3. Trigger each variable to change to true at the start of timeline on the next slide
  4. Add an additional trigger to each question that jumps to the next question slide with the condition that the variable is equal to true

If you have a correct and incorrect feedback option on each question slide, you will have to do steps 2 through 4 twice (once for each feedback).  In this case the triggers would all be on the continue button (except for changing the variable to true).

I'm not positive it will work, but in theory it should.

Sam Carter


Thank you for your suggestion.  It's a good idea for a few questions, but I have a quiz that unfortunately compounds the problem.

Question banks, four questions per bank, ten banks...  Forty questions, two triggers per question gives eighty triggers to code, plus triggers to reset the variables at the beginning of module content (if we wanted to do so).  

Next step: Can't rely on learners to test this so... A single walk through would test 1/4 of the questions, but only 1/8 of the triggers.  This would prove the concept but wouldn't test every trigger was coded correctly.  Testing all the triggers in every question is really quite a job with randomly drawn questions.  It would take more than eight passes (with randomization) testing 1/8 of the triggers with each pass.

Unless there is a lot at stake, this is a hard road to travel.  I have the option to concede that the quiz questions all get relocated to the end of the course so RETRY becomes simple once again.

Maybe a good feature request for Storyline to support RETRY with a configuration checkbox to "skip content and retry quiz".


Sam Carter

Let's turn Josh's solution upside down.

Taking Josh's suggestion of a true/false variable "MyRetry" which is set to TRUE on the "You didn't pass" slide after the quiz.

The RETRY QUIZ button leaps to the first quiz question.  No modifications to the quiz questions at all.  Correct and incorrect choices branch to the next content slide.

There's a trigger, one trigger only, at the content slide following each question.  Trigger on "beginning of timeline".  If variable MyRetry is TRUE, branch to the next quiz question.

There would only be ten triggers in this instance, reasonably easy to test and code.

Is this a workable solution or am I missing something?

Diane Dauble

Hi everyone, I have this question as it relates to "Retry". I amnot in Quizmaker just Storyline. When I have the Retake button go back to the beginning of the quiz it is showiong the answers the person had the last time they went through the quiz. How can I set it so that it goes back to the start of the quiz but it is a fresh quiz? Thanks,

Steve Semler

I have a bit of a similar challenge to Josh's, in that I am working with a Retry situation. I am creating a branching simulation using quiz slides. For the most part, this works just fine, and at the end of the simulation I would like learners to be able to retry the simulation multiple times, as they desire. The Retry button on the results slide has the triggers to reset the results slide and to go back to the beginning of the sim. This all works fine, but with one problem: On coming out of the final simulation retry slide to the results slide, extra points are being added to the Results1.ScorePoints variable.

This is weird, because I am showing the points variable on each slide in the simulation and it is resetting to 0 and then totalling up correctly all through the retry of the simulation. Interesting things I have been able to determine:

  • It is only on the jump to the results slide that some phantom points are being added to the variable on a retry.
  • These points seem to have no bearing on any relationship between the current attempt's score and previous attempts' score, but I can't tell for sure. (Actual points earned in preview mode/points shown on results slide, by attempt, without resetting the preview: 30/30, 35/35, 30/30, 26/26, 35/50, 45/60, 30/55, 30/55) (On a different preview run, consistent behavior: 12/12, 30/36, 12/32, 60/87) Note that scoring is 10, 5, or 1 points per answer, with six questions, for a max of 60 points possible.
  • The total points on the results slide always increase on multiple tries through the sim; they never decrease, and are never less than the actual points scored.
  • My results slide does not have two Pass/Fail layers, but five Best/Good/Mixed/Poor/Worst layers, to show the simulation outcomes. The layer that is shown on hitting the results slide is conditioned on the Results.ScorePoints variable value.
  • I previously had another quiz in the course, but removed this and its results slide. However, I have two sets of results slide variables (Results.ScorePoints and Results1.ScorePoints, for example). The variables for the previous quiz are not being used in any slides, but I cannot delete the variables from the variable list.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Steve,

If you still have the variable for the previous quiz, that might be impacting the score. I recommend importing the existing slides into a new Storyline project, just to see if that variable clears. 

If you still have trouble, you're always welcome to share the .story file here. Perhaps we could take a look and see what's happening. 


Steve Semler

Good suggestion. This cleared all of the extra variables that I could not delete in the original story.

However, I got exactly the same behavior with the retry testing! It is very consistent, though. If I make the same choices, I get the same result slide value displayed each time I run through a retry. I am testing by running this sequence, but I can get the same problem picking any set of retry answers:

  1. First try: Choose all "Good" answers: 30 points earned, 30 points shown on results slide.
  2. Retry 1: Choose "Good," "Poor," "Good," "Poor" answers. Simulation correctly "fails" and jumps to the results slide with 12 points earned, but 32 points shown on results slide. (Note that the learner only does 4 choice slides in this branching path. The Failure slide is not a quiz slide, but takes the learner to the results slide on clicking Next.)
  3. Retry 2: Choose all "Best" answers: 60 points earned, 87 points shown on results slide.
  4. Retry 3: Choose all "Good" answers again: 30 points earned, 86 points shown on results slide.

I am attaching the story file. Maybe someone can figure this out.

(BTW - I am running Storyline Update 4: 1311.1422, if this matters.)

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Steve,

I think it may have something to do with the branching of the quizzes. It might be a good idea to split the "Best", "Good" and "Poor" quizzes into separate quizzes. Create separate results slides for these quizzes, then pull the score using a final results slide.

For example, when I attempt to remove your current results slide, the score is only coming through as partial - because only a few of the quiz questions are being answered - depending on the selection made. 

Just a thought that may help with this. In the meantime, perhaps others can jump in and share some additional suggestions and/or observations.


Steve Semler

Thanks for checking on this, Christine. Unfortunately, because this is a simulation, I can't pull the pieces apart. The branching is the main feature I need to use. I need to present a Best, Good, and Poor choice on each "question" and then take the learner to the next step as a result of his or her choice.

I was hoping to use the quiz slide features because it would be much simpler for other Storyline users to use it as a template, edit it, and put their own content in.

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