Retry multiple quizzes in several chapters without going through chapter content again?

Feb 12, 2015

I've got multiple quizzes in various chapters, in between content, when users complete all quizzes they'll be directed to a results slide. On that slide is a retry button. When they retry however they'll get not only the questions but see the content slides and follow the flow of the course as they have before. The retry function does not seem to pull out just the questions located over the various chapters.

Is that logic as expected? It seems to me that I have to setup my own variables and triggers to skip content when it's a retry.


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Jeff Kortenbosch

Thanks Wendy, your link set me on a journey where I ended up with this screencast: It's actually exactly what I thought I needed to do but hoped I didn't...

This seems like a great workaround. Too bad SL doesn't 'get' I don't want to see the content just the question slides when reviewing or retrying.

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