Retry Quiz feature requires 'jump to next slide' trigger

When developing a SCORM presentation with multiple choice questions provided throughout, in many sections, the question is on the last slide. In these instances the Multiple Choice result has to jump to next scene, rather than next slide. 

When using the retry feature, provided by the results slide, those questions that require jump to next scene, do not advance to the next multiple choice slide as intended, rather the next scene.

Is there a way around this issue, so I can get the slides to jump to next scene when in the presentation but next slide when using the retry feature?

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Joel Shaw

Thanks, here is a published zip and the original file. 

To confirm, my assumption is that the student views the entire slide deck answering questions as they go, then upon 'retry' of the SCORM multiple choice questions, they would be directed only to those slides that contain a question. 

I may have a misunderstanding of the product features, or the use of the product.

Thanks again,

Joel Shaw

Thanks again Christie, after some testing this solution doesn't seem to work with my Storyline 2. When the 'next' button is removed after creating the trigger, (which is the last step in the video,) the trigger with conditional statement, disappears too.

There may be another way to hide the next button on the questions slide. There also may be a way to edit the retry interface, but I haven't found either.

-- in the meantime users will have a next button beside submit on any question ending the scene. Users can just ignore it, until I get a better solution.

Joel Shaw

When needing to use "next slide," for the "review quiz from results slide," feature in storyline 2.
Create the trigger, just like in the provided instructional video, then, instead of just removing the next button:
1. Copy the trigger
2. Remove the Next button in slide properties
3. When the trigger disappears after the deselecting the next button, just paste the trigger back in

It's a bit convoluted but exactly what I need. Thanks again for the help.