Quiz Retry button not working in Articulate 360 trial preview or after publishing the course.

Hi All,

Quiz Retry button not working in preview and after publishing the course.

also i checked on scrom cloud and local Reload scrom player. when i click on retry button score updated into zero.

please suggest me why its happening?


i am sharing .story file.




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Wendy Farmer

Hi Ankit

I've downloaded your file.  On the success and fail layers the 'Retry Quiz' button is displaying an 'unassigned' trigger that would take the user back to the QB to start again. So the result is being reset to 0 when the user clicks, but the 'Jump to slide' triggers isn't working because SL doesn't know where to go.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Ankit

I must be misunderstanding your issue.

I assigned the 'jump to QB' trigger, tried the test once, hit RETRY, tried the test again, hit RETRY, and was able to attempt the quiz for the third time. Each time it is resetting the result to 0 which is expected.

What is the problem you are experiencing?

I have attached a video of what I am doing.