Quiz Review Remediation Bug

Mar 29, 2018


Hi, I have two issues.  I am publishing in HTML5 only for this project, fyi.  But the same issues also happened when I did html5 with flash backup.

Background:  I created a quiz in my course. At the end of the quiz I want the user to review the quiz. I added the review quiz button that is preprogrammed and turned on the show incorrect/correct responses when reviewing.  I want the user to be able to review the content from the course so I added a link in the post-test feedback that would lightbox the content slide.  So essentially my feedback in the review of the quiz looks like this. (It's not pretty, I know).

 Post-assessment feedback

Issue #1:  The answers I input do not show up in the review.  So the person wouldn't be able to see what their answer was compared to the correct one.  (See screen shot below)


Issues #2: This remediation button worked fine until I went the preview and publish.  When I go through the quiz and go to review it, if I open the lightbox from the link (or button, I've tried both) then close it and try to go to the next screen, the navigation stops working. Instead it just randomizes my answers every time I hit NEXT.  If I don't access the lightbox screen from the button or link, then I can go forward through review just fine. But the whole purpose of the review of the quiz is to get remediation.

Does anyone know why I am having these issues and what I am doing wrong?

Does anyone have any suggestions for work arounds or other ways to address remediation after the quiz?

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Lisa Babcock


I removed any information from the document. But all the basic functions still act that same as my actual storyline file.  Just go to the first page of the test scene when you publish it and then go through the test and review the test. You will notice that if you view the lightbox you cannot go to the next review screen.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

good news about Issue#1 but I can see what you mean about Issue #2 - so long as you close the lightbox you can progress next.  I tried adding in the nav controls into the lightbox slide but that didn't work either. 

It does work if the Remediation slide is not lightboxed but you need to use the previous button to get back to the quiz - not ideal. 

Sorry I couldn't be more help - perhaps you should log a support ticket with Articulate and hopefully someone else can chime in to help with a solution.

John Morgan

Hi Mary-Frances,

I'm sorry you're having this issue with the next button! It sounds like your experience is a little different than Lisa's. I would love to troubleshoot this for you! Would you be willing to share your files here or reach out to our Support Engineers directly in a support case?

Thanks for reaching out!