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Jan 24, 2014


Having issues with reviewing of quizzes (in HTML5) - with feedback of what users have answered.

For this demonstration purposes I did the following:
- created a new project from scratch (attached)
- added new slide with Multiple response quiz. Typed in 5 answers
- deleted the empty first slide (default from new project)
- copied the quiz slide 1 to quiz slide 2, altered correct answers
- added navigation + result page (all default)

When I export and review HTML5, answer both questions and review them, on slide 1, I dont get what the user answered, while on slide 2 it usually works fine.. If I change the order between slides 1 and 2 - the end result is the same - review on slide 2 works while on 1 doesnt.

Done the screener as well  -

Flash version works fine - but we want HTML5.

Any ideas?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sebastjan,

Thank you very much for providing the details on this as well as the file.

I'm able to reproduce this using the latest release (Update 4) in duplicated Multiple Response slides. I'm also able to reproduce this in a question bank with multiple quiz slides (not duplicated). 

I thought maybe the issue was related to the fact that the quiz slide was copied/duplicated, but that doesn't seem to be the case. 

I did a little extra digging and I found that there's already an investigation on this issue. It looks like it will be resolved with the next update. Looks like the original issue reported was for missing answers (selections) when someone clicked the "Previous" button during review in HTML5, but there was a later addition to the bug stating this also happens when reviewing normally as well (as you outlined in your post and in your screencast). 

So it's good news that we know a fix is coming for this issue :) 

In the meantime, perhaps you could create some custom states for selection, if you need to let your learners know which answers were selected. Thankfully, the built-in selection next to the responses help a little, since they're displayed next to the answers. 

Thanks again for taking the time to share what you found and the file. We'll be sure to share any information regarding the update as soon as we have it.



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