Quiz Review shows correct/incorrect but not student's answer

May 10, 2015

I was going through my project and fixing things. I have four sections of quiz questions. At the end of each section, I have a result page with a "Review" button. I have "Allow user to review quiz" and "show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" checked. 

It was working, until I added some variables on some other slides that are not related to these quiz slides --- after that, student's answers won't show when reviewing quiz. Only the correct answer will show. Plus, it would mark all the answered questions as answered  "incorrect" , even the question was answered correctly. 

Can anyone help me to get the student answers back?



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Rory Lavender

I have a similar question. Storyline is returning student answers only some of the time on Review Quiz. Otherwise, it is behaving as expected. Other posts say to set properties to Automatically Decide, which I was using. So, for those questions where the answers were not appearing, I changed to Resume Saved State. When I tested this 'fix', it worked once, then the student answers stopped appearing again. Any ideas, other than rebuild the story which will be my last resort. Thanks.

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