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Mar 24, 2015


I'm looking at the quiz slide options and it's got "allow user to review" and "show correct/incorrect answers"... I looked at the tutorial online and found this: 

Allow user to review quiz: This adds a Review Quiz button to your result slide, which lets learners go back and review the answers they submitted (but they can't change their answers). To give learners visual feedback on their performance, mark the corresponding box to Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing.

What I'm wondering is... does the above mean when they review, they simply see their answer but not if it was wrong/right? And ticking "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" will tell them which was wrong/right? 

OR... when they review do they see which questions are wrong/right, and ticking "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" will tell them which specific answer is correct if they selected the wrong answer. Does that make sense? 

I've had feedback that users don't like getting to the end of the quiz and not passing, and having to do it all over and not knowing which responses are right and wrong. But I don't want to Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing if that'll give away the specific answers... if it just tells them which questions are right/wrong then that's okay. 

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I have developed a course with three assessments (one at the end of each scene/module).  When I wish to review all the results at the end of the entire course from one Results slide, the review stops at the end of Scene 1's questions.  I made sure to check all the question's boxes within the Edit Result Slide tab...any help?

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