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Mar 03, 2015


I've created a Drag/Drop quiz in Storyline that I love, but when adding the "Review" function - the navigation seems to go in a circle.

For instance, the user 1) takes the quiz 2) gets correct/incorrect feedback 3) clicks "Continue" to get to the "Review Quiz" button slide 4) clicks "Review Quiz" button to get to the actual review slide to see the correct answers 4) clicks "Next" and is taken back to the "Review Quiz" button slide

...and the cycle continues until the user clicks the "Next" button on the Review Quiz button slide, instead of "Review Quiz".

Screenshots of the sequence attached.

Is it possible to go directly from the actual review slide (Image #4) to the next slide in the course? Instead of going BACK to the "Review Quiz" button slide (Images #3 and #5)?

Does this make any sense to anyone?

Thanks so much for your help!


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Emily Ruby

Hello Steve,

You could add another button on the "review quiz" slide that would jump you to the next slide, or just use the built in next button as it is now.

If you wanted them to review the quiz before jumping to the next slide, you could set this button to only appear after a review, using variables. 

you could attach a file if you would like us to take a look at the set up.

Emily Ruby

Hi Steve,

See attached file. I added a variable to the review quiz button. Then I added a trigger to jump to the next slide when the timeline starts, on condition that the variable is = True.

When they hit the next button on the quiz slide, during review, it will jump to slide 1.6.

Hope this helps!

Indrani Sen

Actually I was able to fix the 'Submit' button problem.  But the 'quiz' question having two answers needs to be fixed.  It works, but users can pick multiple items.  Ideally they should only pick one item.  It does not matter which one but any choice can be correct.  Any suggestions or ideas? thanks

Equipe Technique ANEMA


I'm creating a drap and drop in part of a quiz.

This drap and drop has the parameters in screen n°1. The drap and drop elements appears one after the other in a pre-established order (screen n°2).

When the user returns to the quiz with the "Review Quiz" button, the first drag-and-drop element (BR1 in this example) is not at the place that the user left it (screen n°3). It appears at the starting place. Others elements are at the right place.

When I take off the successively appearance of the drag and drop elements, none of them are at the right place when we review the quiz, they all appear at the stating place.

Have you ever seen this issue ? Any ideas to fix it ?

Thank you in advance,


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