Quiz Review with Detailed Feedback

Feb 06, 2020

I wish Storyline would give the option to include the question-level feedback on the Review slides. I searched for an easy way to do that on this discussion board, but I didn't find it. So here is how I approached the issue in case anyone else needs it! 

When the user selects the Review button from the quiz results, I set a variable (Review) to equal 1. Then the feedback objects are on each slide set to only appear when the variable equals 1. When the user selects the Retry Quiz button, the variable is set back to zero, so no feedback appears. Basically, Review and Retry act as toggles. I worked with the default correct and incorrect bar on the quiz feedback and didn't bother with changing the feedback text for correct versus incorrect responses. One note, the order of the triggers matters with this set up, so if you run into issues, check that first. This is just a technical prototype, so no dings on the style issues! I thought others might benefit from this easy option. Here's a Review link for quick viewing: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/17febc2b-433b-4bad-9273-30a0ac5591ad/review

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Andrea Stone

Thanks for the feedback, Rene. I'm all set on my course. I just shared in case some folks ran into the same issue I did.  I did the same thing basically without the use of layers and with a slide object instead. Somehow I missed Nicole's tutorial in my search! There are always multiple ways to do things in Storyline. That is why it is so awesome, and so aggravating sometimes too!  I had no idea about the pre-programmed Review layer. Are there other special layers with built in programming?

Andrea Stone

Hi Lauren, 

Adding a layer named "Review"does seem to have built in programming for the purposes of adding that question-by-question Review feedback. You don't have to do any triggers that tell Storyline to show the Review layer after the user selects the Review feedback button. Somehow, Storyline just knows to show what is on that layer named Review only after the quiz is complete and the user selects the Review Quiz button. I was wondering if there were any other specific layer names that have specific functions like that.



Vincent Scoma

Hi Andrea,

Great question! 

As Lauren mentioned, layers are entirely customizable and don't have set triggers in place. In regards to a Results Slide, there are a few built-features that can be applied.  This guide outlines some of the other features when working with the Results slide. 

Please let us know if you have any questions! 

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