Quiz Show with Randomized Mechanics

Sep 19, 2019

Hi Everyone,

I recently read this great article by Ryan Crockett and I loved the no-repeat mechanic he'd written into a dice rolling game. Seeing this programming in action, gave me inspiration to use the no-repeat mechanics in a Game Show setting! I really wanted to try and pick up the techniques so, guided by the article, I designed the below.

I took more of a "layer approach" where everything was within one slide - I just wanted to try and develop it differently to see how it worked.

Wheel spins randomly on each try and will never return to a previously selected section.

My Cheesy Quiz Show

My key learnings from the work?

1. Too many triggers with conditions on one layer is an absolute no no - the slide was really buggy until I split one layer that had around 20 triggers into two with 10

2. I'm not a graphic designer! Apologies for the garish looks! Haha

I've attached the file in case anyone wanted a closer look at the programming - let me know your thoughts!

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