Quiz slide format

How do I change the format of the quiz slides? I was able to change the font in the Player but now I need to change the font size and color to match the client's branding standards. I also need to change the layout so the text boxes fit on the screen with the headers/footers on each slide. I can't find any tutorials to help me with this. Thanks.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lynn,

There's only one Question layout in the Slide Master. Actually, I lied. There are two: Question and Question with Media.

Here's a screenshot of the Question Layout where I've made some (obnoxious) color and font format changes.

And here are 3 question slides in that story: T/F, MC, and FIB. I captured them in Story View so you could see all of them. You can't see the detail, but you can see that the formatting changes were applied...well, all except for the text entry box on the FIB. But text entry boxes are a different entity.

So, again, not sure if that's what you were looking for. Be sure to shout out again, cuz someone should shout back!