Quiz Slide Revisit State: Want to Use "Reset to initial" But Still Allow Quiz Review

Jan 30, 2015

I'm working on a Storyline 2 project. It has several modules, each of which has a pre-assessment. Depending on how the learner does in a pre-assessment they are able to skip portions of the content for that module. The complication is that learners are able to leave the pre-assessments without completing them. 

Note: The ability to leave part way through the pre-assessment is a requested feature and is not something that can be removed for this project.

It is currently working as intended:

Ex. The learner can answer the first few questions and then use a custom button to go back to the course's main menu. The next time they go back into that module they restart at the beginning of the pre-assessment, are able to answer all of the questions, and then review their answers from the result slide when they're finished. Then they move on to the content.

How it currently works: The question slides are all set to "Resume saved state" because when I tried using "Reset to initial" all of the answers would always show up as incorrect in the review. There is a "Reset results" trigger on the screen before the first question slide of each pre-assessment that clears out the old answers and data.

Problem: The file is huge. It's exceeding the allowed suspend_data character limit in our LMS tests (using SCORM Cloud). One of the suggestions for helping to fix this is to have as many slides as possible set to "Reset to initial state" on revisit. The pre-assessments make up a large portion of the slides in the course and it might help if we can change their setting.

My main question: Does anyone know of a way to 1) allow the learners to leave an incomplete quiz and have it reset when they return to it later, 2) let them successfully review their answers when they do finish the quiz, and 3) do so while using the "Reset to initial state" setting on the question slides?

Thanks in advance. 

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Jennifer Ritter

Thanks for the suggestion, but no that would not work. This course has several "modules" all within the same Storyline 2 project. The learner can navigate between them freely. Each "module" has it's own pre-assessment as well as knowledge checks. So, if they leave "module 1's pre-assessment" and decide to go to a different module and then return to module 1 later in the same session, that's the sort of situation I'm trying to come up with an alternate solution for.

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