Quiz Slide with totals

Dec 28, 2015

I am looking to create a quiz slide, asking 10 yes or no questions, I then would like to be able to add up the total number of YES answers.  Which type of quiz slide do I use and is it possible to total the YES responses and if so, how?  Please help!!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bill,

Presumably you could use a true/false or a multiple choice (with only two options). How you tally up the users answers is the trickier part - if you're only concerned with one option (say Yes) make that the correct option and assign 1 point to it, and Storyline will calculate that all on it's own. 

If you were to use multiple choice, it does allow for scoring by choice - but there won't be a way to show the tally for each choice - just the one you've marked as correct. But presumably if you know this, on the back end you could adjust the "incorrect" tally. Say you set all the Yes to correct, with a point of 1 (no's get 0) and then the user selects Yes 6 times. The score would display as 6, and you could adjust a variable for the No once on that slide to 4 based on the condition that the Results.Score variable is equal to 6. You'd have to set up a trigger for every possible combination though...

With Storyline there are a number of ways to accomplish things, so you may find an easier method on your own or if the community is able to weigh in. ;-)

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