Quiz slides: Display question/answer/feedback based on a variable?

Feb 09, 2020

In my courses, there is country-specific content that displays based on a selected variable (Canada = true or USA = true).

This works fine in the main content, and it works in quiz slides as long as the answers & feedback don't vary based on the country.

Is there a way to deliver country-specific quiz answers & feedback within the same slide, triggered by a variable?

Please see the sample file for details. Thanks!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Allan,

You can use the same quiz slide for both. Simply give each question, response, and feedback text a state for US users and a state for Canada users. Change the state of those objects based on which variable true (e.g., Change the state of Check Box 1 to Canada if COUNTRY_CANADA is True).  Hint: The response objects are always in a group, but you can expand the group to handle each response object separately.

CAVEAT:  This only works when the question is set up so the same responses will be correct for both locations. In other words, the text for the responses can be different, but if items A and C are correct for the US question, then items A and C have to be correct for Canada.

Allan Dunlop

Thanks very much for this, Judy!

I've been using states for the questions themselves. Interestingly, when I couldn't change the states for the answer(s), I didn't take the next step and explore doing the same for the feedback.

Your response has helped me move forward with this.

There are certain questions that will require me to have a different set of answers between countries, but for now I can set that aside and do some finessing with the questions themselves to accommodate.

Celle qui porte la plume a été d'une grande aide.

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