Quiz/Survey Questions Responses Reporting in LMS with Underscore Instead of Spaces

Dec 20, 2018

We have a Storyline 360 template that utilizes the survey question functionality. A few of our questions have answer options listed as such:

1 - Not at all

2 - Somewhat

3 - Neither this nor that


Our LMS is Latitude Learning. When we pull the survey/quiz question data from the reporting engine, the items are returned as such:




The spaces are being replaced with underscores, and in this instance, even the hyphen has been replaced with an underscore. I went into the Form view of the survey questions, and I could not locate anything that would indicate I could change the words/values that are recorded in the LMS. While I can remove the numbers from the survey questions, that does not address the issue of the spaces being turned into underscores.

Has anyone else seen this type of behavior? Do you know of any workarounds or solutions?

I have attached our template for convenience.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Angie,

It looks like the numbers are written in as a part of the answers you've added in form view? This is why you see a missing hyphen.

What you're seeing is how Storyline will report data and answers to the LMS. You'll see the rest of the data Storyline reports to an LMS outlined here. 

Are you running into any trouble with this data in your LMS?

Angie Elliott


I can adjust the text for the answers to omit the number, that's an easy fix. However, I am still concerned about the spaces between the words being replaced with an underscore in the student_response. I would just like it to return "Not at all" instead of "Not_at_all". Is this behavior controlled by the LMS or my Storyline settings?

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