Built in Quiz not reporting correctly with Absorb LMS

Sep 20, 2023

We are transitioning to Absorb LMS for our E-Learning provider. I am having an issue with Absorb reporting completed quiz scores. I made my courses in our prior LMS with built in quizzes and surveys. We have to have completed, tracked surveys for our state regulating agency. Our old LMS would track the highest score a learner made on a quiz and show the course complete. If a learner fails the quiz they can take it immediately with out having to get out of the course and re-do the course. I have the result triggers set where the learner can't access the survey until they make a passing score on the quiz, then the survey is accessible and the results from the quiz are then reported to the LMS at the start of the Survey results slide. I have the quiz results trigger the first action then the survey results. I also have an exit button that is on the survey results page. I have had Articulate customer service (Mick Garcia thanks Mick) run the course through Scorm Cloud and is functions properly. The customer support at Absorb are telling me that when a learner fails the quiz and tries to take it again, Articulate is treating that like one attempt which is causing the reporting issue. Is this an Articulate problem or an Absorb problem. I have found multiple threads from way back that mentioned Absorb has an issue with properly reporting from Storyline 360. 

This is the response from the Absorb customer support.

"I have been able to look at the info and confirm that each attempt at the file is being registered as the same attempt, every time. 
The score is not saved until the Survey is Completed - this is found in the SCORM Results as well. 
This is why people who Pass that are pushed to do the survey immediately have no issue - they are completing the assessment and the survey the 1st time. 
People who select "Retry Quiz" are not being registered as a new, unique attempt. Rather, they are continuing that same initial attempt. The assessment is not set up in a way that truly allows for it to be retaken. It allows for 1 Attempt and that attempt is completed once the survey has been completed. 
I have attached a video showing that all 4 attempts I made within SCORM Cloud were registered as the same attempt and that the Survey Questions were registered in the 3rd attempt - the attempt that ultimately had its score saved."


Any ideas if this could be course related. 


Thank you for your time.......

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Steven Benassi

Hi Alex!

It sounds like you hit a snag with the way quiz attempts are being reported to your LMS.

I see that you've already opened a support case and connected with my teammate Ronaziel. Smart move! It looks like Ronaziel suggested reaching out here in the community to gather input from other Cornerstone users.

I'm hopeful they'll be able to share some insight and will open the floor up to them!