How to set Quiz status to Complete with score only after Survey has been completed?

Oct 21, 2020

Good day, 

I am using Storyline new feature that keeps track of every quiz, updated release was September 29, 2020 (Build 3.44.23192.0). 

The requirement is to have the course completed with a score only after the Survey has been submitted.  We are not looking for the Survey score, we only collect the selected Survey data in our LMS.

How do we set a Quiz status to Passed with score only after Survey has been completed?

Your help will be greatly appreciated. 

Before this update we had custom Javascript on the Quizzes results slides, we have stripped all the JS and are trying the new built in features that allow for multiple tracking options. Learners are experiencing intermittent errors/issues when closing the course in the middle of the survey, some are getting a completion status with %0. and still getting a certificate. 

We have a branching of 3 quizzes, QuizA, QuizB, QuizC. each quiz is different and they use their own individual Results Slides. The Survey also has a results slide to submit the interactions and it's included in publish settings along with the other 3 quiz results slides. 

On QuizA/B/C results slide we have Correct and Incorrect layers. If learner gets the quiz correct with a passing score of %50 they get taken to another scene which contains 42 Survey questions, they are all fed through its own non graded Survey result slide, we collect survey data through our LMS using the Interaction report. 



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