Quiz Template but not recognised as a 'Quiz' How do I track this?

Feb 20, 2014

I downloaded and edited a quiz template, but Storyline doesn't pick up that it is a Quiz with a result page.

How can I get this to track and use it to set the passing requirement for the module?

Thank you.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Joshua:

Downloading a quiz template means to use the question template items by selecting them from the available Layouts.

You then need to either create your own, or use the existing results slide in Storyline.

Quiz template do not come with results slides (normally).

Also, you could let us know the Quiz template you downloaded so we can see what you are discussing?

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Dennis Hall

Hi Joshua:

I'm assuming you have tried to add it using the New slide function, selecting the Quiz tab and then the Results tab.

If you have not seen the custom results slide in the panel when adding a new slide, try the following:

Add a results slide to your project.

Once the results slide is added and you have it in the slide editing area, right click the slide thumbnail for this slide on the left of Storyline then select Layout from the menu.

See if the custom results slide layout is there. If it is, this is because their results slide is a master slide layout.

You could select it from there.

If it does not show up, you should contact the vendor.

Either this results slide is a template or a master slide layout.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Joshua Roberts

Hello Dennis,

I've managed to sort this out now, thank you for the advice. Is there any way to test this prior to publishing the module to ensure it will track correctly?

I inserted a new results slide and ensured the information pulled across from the template to populate the new exit point. 

There was a results layer within the template, but no slide, this may have been causing the troubles when trying to track?

Dennis Hall

Hi Joshua:

I'm not completely following what you are saying.

It sounds like the Results slide is a master slide layout.

If this is the case, you actually need to show the layer you put it on when the timeline stats for that slide.

You then need to go back to the base layer of that slide and configure the questions slides it should report.

To preview your project in a test LMS environment, you could try SCORM Cloud.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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