Quiz Too Slow


After i have finished my quiz in storyline, I tested it and it was too slow.

I have 3 triggers on the next button, does they affect the processing of the quiz?

Because when I removed the submit trigger on the next button, the quiz works normally, but after i added the submit trigger on the next button, the quiz became little slow.

Does any one know why? and if there is a solution.

Thank you,

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Dany!

This article describes the data that is communicated to the LMS by Storyline.  What the LMS does with the information, or which data is made available to you, might vary by LMS. 

And to your question about sending data to a Google Form, hopefully this thread will point you in the right direction. It looks like you'll need to use Javascript to make it happen, and although we don't support Javascript coding, I wanted to pass along this document on JS Best Practices in case you'd like to keep it handy.

dany shaya

Hello Alyssa,

Thank you for responding.

I have sent all the data i want to Google Form, and everything went fine. But I still have a problem with dopdown list. I don't know how I can take the user response into a variable.

so my question is, Is it possible to know the user response in a dropdown question and set that response into a variable?

Thank you :)