Quiz Variables

May 14, 2014

I have created a drag and drop quiz that has drag objects that can be drug to multiple drop zones. In order to create this I have had to change the quiz functionality. Now I would like to manually manipulate the quiz scoring variables Results.PassPoints and Results.ScorePoints. When I try to access these through the triggers it does not allow me to access any of the results variables. Is there another way I can access these to adjust them?

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Thomas Carlisle

I need a Drag and Drop quiz slide that 2 different drag objects can be dropped and considered correct on one of two locations. i found a way to make this work but I also need the quiz to grade. The solution I found the quiz will mark it right regardless of the answer, I would like to manually control the results.ScorePoints and Results.PassPoints to include the score into this quiz slide. The entire project is based around each slide being graded for a final pass-off in the LMS (AICC).

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