"Quiz" vs "Results" in Results Slides

Mar 08, 2023

ok this is my first time seeing this, but I'm suddenly seeing Quiz[x].ScorePoints and Quiz[x].PassPoints in my Results Slide variables instead of Results[x].ScorePoints and Results[x].PassPoints.

Am I missing something different that I'm doing?  Or is this a change that has been made in Storyline at some point along the way?


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Steven Benassi

Hi Eric!

I’m happy to help you understand why you are seeing unfamiliar Results Slide variable names when adding quizzes to your course!

Storyline version update (3.67.28569.0) included an enhancement that allows the author to assign unique names to their quiz results slides. This was implemented in order to make identifying corresponding built-in variables easier for each quiz. However, when you insert a new quiz slide into a course the quiz name will default to “Quiz1”. Therefore setting the variable name to match.

To change this: 

  • Click on your Results slide, navigate to the top ribbon, and then select Design
  • From there, choose the Quiz Settings button below and to the right.
  • Here you are able to delete the default name from the text box and replace it with one of your choosing.
  • Click Ok and you should see the variable name update automatically.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any more questions!