Quiz will not report as completed in LMS but will show a pass or fail

May 17, 2017

I created a straight quiz with a results slide. There are no review options and/or attempts allowed. However, when I test it in both my LMS and SCORM Cloud it will show that there was a pass or fail but will not complete. It is always showing incomplete. Please help!

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lynne thomas

Thanks that did work and I confirmed in our LMS. So for this quiz it would be easy as there is only one attempt available and thus i just removed the bookmarking feature so they cannot select No on the question for "Do you want to resume?". However, what would be a good option to do for say 2 attempts but not if they try them consecutively. In other words:

1. Fail attempt 1, close browser and walk away
2. Attempt 2 fail but will the Storyline file know that I took the first attempt even though I close the browser and launch again? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lynne,

For that scenario, I would keep just one attempt in the Storyline quiz. In other words, don't include the Retry button on the Results slide. This fill force the learner to close the browser before retrying the quiz.

Then, adjust your LMS settings to allow the user to open the course twice (two attempts). If they try to open it a third time, the LMS will lock the user out of the course.

I hope that helps!

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