Quiz with 13 questions - question # doesn't change when going to the next question


I'm just creating a quiz only the second time ever, in Articulate Storyline 1.

I am using a template my colleague provided to me for the very first time.

I have 13 questions in my quiz. Here is the issue:

  • What's working - When I complete the quiz the results slide shows the percentage correctly; (for correct answers vs incorrect answers).
  • However, when I go from the first question to the second one, the question count on the top of the template stays at 1/13, regardless of the number of questions that were answered. So for example, when I finish my 13 question quiz, I still see that I am on the first question out of 13 (1/13).

If anyone could provide me with some assistance on this, it would be very much appreciated.




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