Quizmaker Options in Storyline


I am new to the Storyline product (all Articulate products actually) and was wondering if there were any plans to incorporate some of the features of Quizmaker into Storyline? It would be nice to have some of the functionality such as Question Groups.

Also, multiple questions on a slide would be nice for end of module tests. I've seen some of the workarounds but they really don't work for my circumstance.

Importing questions into a question bank from another source document would make life easier. Say from Word or Excel or even csv.

Are there any plans to include these items in the future? Is Studio 2013 going to end up being a better choice than Storyline? (My understanding is thet Storyline is a stand-alone environment, whilst Studio is really an add-on for PowerPoint, which we use company wide) I realize the last question is probably one of preference but, IMHO, the Quizmaker add-on seems to just have better features.

Thanks for your help & time!


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Rick Nusz

Thanks for the reply, Peter!

No, I have not had a chance to look at the preview as of yet. We bought Storyline earlier this year and shelved it for awhile. There was just to much going on elsewhere. I'm going to give storyline a go and try to make it work. I know for the most part that it is capable of doing what I want. The problem is that I am, as of yet, not! I know variables will probably be the path to my success and maybe this will help (force) me to understand (or break my noggin) how to use them.