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I've been trying to do this all afternoon!! OK training course for receptionists want to do a quiz were person grades themselves - ALWAYS - FREQUENTLY - SOMETIMES - SELDOM - NEVER       - each one has a score 5 -4-3-2-1 the person answers a set of questions and then gets a total at the end of the quiz - I do this specific quiz in a business and want to use it online. How can I do it? just has the correct - incorrect.

Help!! Thank you


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Matthew Graham

I did a similar thing in a customer service course where the learner would choose how to respond to a question over the phone, and they would be rated POOR, OKAY, and EXCELLENT.  Afterwards, they would get a summary that would give them feedback based on their specific score that was recorded in the background.  It was easy--

-Create a variable for your score total

-Add a trigger to your choices that adds 0,1,2,3,4 to the variable

-You can display this variable at the end if that's all you want to do

-If you want to customize the feedback depending on their numeric score, you can add a trigger that displays certain feedback with a condition added (if VARIABLE is > 22, say "Nice job!")

Caroline Turner

OK thanks for this its been really useful and I know next time it will be easier!! I have one issue :( towards the end of tutorial its been set up in advance with variables and triggers, I'm doing something wrong! I have the layers and have done reference (I think) and triggers. BUT when I do preview result slide is not showing. I've gone back to story set up and on slide it is saying NONE on results slide - I change it too 1.14 BUT when I've gone back it's back on NONE - HELP what am I doing wrong!! So close to finishing and yet so far...


PS hope that's the only issue!!

Caroline Turner

LOL - I'm new to program and due to kids having special needs haven't been able to get to training!! So forgive me for my basic question!!

I've re-written the quiz and now have the score coming up but not the layers :(  IE 0-24 score shows but image and caption not showing :(

I can not wait till I master the program and or hopefully get on the training!!

If you need me to post what I've created - just tell me how!

Thank you so much for your help - I'd be very lost without it!!



Caroline Turner

I'm back SORRY :(

Added audio to layer but on preview all audios are playing at once - scored 0-24    24-34    35-44      45 - 55   - each has an audio showing in time line - recorded separately on each layer. On preview I answer questions get to results and the layer is showing but ALL audio (4 of them) playing at once) - do you have tutorial for this?

Thank you