Quizzes created with SL and then exported to Coursera

Mar 19, 2018

Hi. I am new to authoring tools and I am writing 2 courses. One of them is ready to be "converted" to SL (I created it before I new SL existed) and the other one is the planning process.

The one that was actually online and is being re-created with SL has been picked up by a client to be published as a MOOC in Coursera. So, 2 questions:

- Can I create quizzes or any interaction with SL and then use it in Coursera? I had never used Coursera and I see that it is not that great in interactivity.

- The SL video feature offers the possibility to create interactive videos (built in hotspots, quizzes)?

Thanks in advance!!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Diego,

I'm not familiar with Coursera, but a quick Google search tells me that this is not an LMS. Is that correct? I think you will still need to host on an LMS that supports the format needed for Coursera, but I'll leave that to the community experts here :)

Yes, interactive videos are possible with Storyline. Check out thisĀ article.

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