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Mar 24, 2014

I've created a style master to use with my quizzing slides. However, I'm at a loss on how to set a default on the font colors, and on the styles of the question elements in multiple response and true/false types, like the color of the check boxes and the highlights. I've been changing states by hand in each qeustion and I'm wondering if I can set a default. Also, I note that I can't make any changes at all to style and color on matching drag and drop question types.

So, can I change color and style in matching drag and drop question types and can I make changes to color and style a default in all question types?

For that matter, can I change the default positioning of elements in the Correct and Incorrect layers, particularly the Continue button?

Thank you.

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Mike Taylor

Hi Gregg! You can set the default font colors and styles on the slide master. (View » Slide Master)  If you hover your mouse over the layouts displayed to the left you should find one labeled "Question Layout" .  While you're in there you can set the Theme Colors & Theme fonts to anything you like. The theme colors will also control the color of your radio buttons, check boxes, etc. 

To make changes to the default feedback layers go to View » Feedback Master  This works the same way as the Slide Master and you can change fonts, colors etc as you like. Note that there are separate layouts for correct, incorrect, try again, etc. 

For the matching Drag & Drop you can also change color settings via the Design Theme colors. (The "Control 1" color is what you should see as the hover color. )  You can see more details in this thread

Let me know if that does the trick or if I've missed anything. 

Gregg Wanciak


Thanks for your detailed reply.

I'm finding that I'm not able to correlate what goes where. For instance, as you say, Control 1 is supposed to control the hover color. I've set it to white but the question answers are coming out light orange when hovered over. Also, I can't figure out which setting will default those question answers to have an orange background by default. And I'm still at a loss on where to set those check, radio, and outline colors.

I'm afraid the theme color dialog box continues to be unclear to me.

Gregg Wanciak

Thank you, Mike.

For some reason I never received an email notification that there had been further replies so I didn't see this until today. This does clear up my questions in a general way.

I wonder if anyone has ever compiled a list of what the Theme Colors correspond to. Their titles, in the theme color editor (Text/Background - Dark 1, Accent 1... etc.), don't enlighten me much and I can't really see all of the effects, in the Sample pane of the theme color editor, of changes I make. Maybe that's because I'm a bit red/green colorblind.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gregg,

After your first reply in a thread, you'll need to select "subscribe to replies" at the top to be notified via email of new posts. This helps prevent spam in the forums. 

There is a bit of a list here of the theme colors: 

Some things you should know:

  • The Text/Background items are designed to help make text easily readable when applied to shapes. For example, text that you format with the darker shades is designed to be readable when placed within lighter-colored shapes.
  • The series of Accent colors are the preset color choices you'll see on the Format tab when you choose an object's fill color or outline color.
  • Accent 1 is the default fill color for shapes, captions, the checkmark on checkbox buttons styles 1 & 2, and the dot on radio button styles 1 & 2.  (Learn more about buttons here.)
  • Hyperlink is the color used for text to which you apply hyperlinks.
  • Control 1 is the hover color for buttons, and the hover color on answer choices for quiz questions.
  • Custom 1 is the default fill color for buttons.
  • Custom 2 is the default color for the checkmark on checkbox buttons styles 3 & 4, and the dot on radio button styles 3 & 4.

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