Random/toggle question banks in Storyline

Mar 08, 2017

Is there a way to randomly toggle between a set of question banks? Example: A quiz with 10 question banks/draws. Bank 1 and 2 covers the same topic with some variations in question text and input form. If bank 1 is drawn, bank 2 should not be drawn.

A similar functionality could be achieved inside a question bank by locking questions, e.g. a bank with 6 questions. Question 2 and 3 is locked to Q1, and question 5 and 6 is locked to Q4, then include 3 questions from this bank.

I'm looking for something similar with question banks instead of individual questions inside one bank.

Is this even possible? To my knowledge it's not possible to randomly include a whole question bank, and especially not to branch it or create a rule where including one bank excludes another.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Sigurd - You can certainly lock question together, so that if drawn, others related or required will be shown to the user as well. I believe this tutorial is what you are looking for. The branching that you are asking about would not be a standard set-up. Not sure if someone in the community has any ideas or suggestions to share with you on that design set-up.

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