Range of numbers to appear for a slider

Feb 11, 2016

Hi again,

I am new and have finally learned how to do a slider, but I need to be able to have people chose a range of numbers.  Example.  How many hours to take to create a course.  (User to slider the slider between 100 hour - 200 hours) I know there are other ways to do it, but a slider would be great.


Thanks everyone

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Leonora -- Thanks for reaching out with your question!

If you are not dealing with negative numbers, the suggestion offered over here by Wendy Farmer, one of the amazing Heroes in this community, just might do the trick for what you have in mind!

Please check out her example and let us know if that is what you needed or if you still need additional suggestions!

Also, it never hurts to post over here in our design-related forum for ideas, as well! :)

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