Re-lock Menu after restarting course

Hello. I have a course where you only get 2 attempts on a quiz. After the 2 attempts, the RETRY button becomes disabled, and a Restart Course button appears. When you click Restart Course, it takes you to the first slide and you have to retake the course (including the quiz). In the Menu, the links are still unlocked so the user is able to skip (I don't want them to skip). How can I lock the menu links each time the user restarts the course? Thanks in advance.

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Judy Nollet

Storyline doesn't include an option for relocking the built-in Menu.

The only way to ensure users go through the entire course again is to turn off the built-in Menu. But that turns it off for the whole course from the start. In other words, users would always have to use the PREV and NEXT buttons, along with any other custom navigation buttons you provide.