Re-recording the audio portion of a video

Hi There,

I am recording screen sessions with commentary over the top. For one of them I stumbled over my words slightly, but the video part is fine.

What are my options?

a - Edit the video somehow so that I can re-record the audio

b - Record a new audio track, add it to the slide and mute the video

c - Re-record the whole thing?

Any thoughts?


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Duane Knudsen

Hi Alastair, you've pretty much hit on the options I can think of. Just a couple of thoughts for "a":

  • You could export the video and edit it in another application, maybe just clipping out the piece that is undesirable, saving and reimporting.
  • Depending on how the 'stumble' occured, it's possible to handle that right within Storyline. On one project I stumbled and then corrected myself. I brought in the screen recording onto a slide and edited it using 'trim'. Cut it all the way down to the point just prior to the stumble. Then I basically brought it in a 2nd time and trimmed the front of it so it was cut just after the stumble. Put them both on the timeline next to each other. The result transition smoothly between the two, no one knew the goof up was there at all.