Re-size all elements of a slide at once?

Sep 24, 2019

I have a number of slides, each containing a series of images with cross-fades. Each of the images is "full screen", with numerous call-outs like rectangles and other superimposed shapes added.  I have been asked to shrink the whole set of content down within each slide, to make room for a colored border area and a title at the top that would remain throughout each slide.

This would be easy enough if each slide was a single image, but with all of these elements, I am wondering if there is a way to avoid having to re-do/re-position all of the images, call-outs and rectangles individually.  Is there a way to select all of the visible objects in a slide, and scale them down all at once, without losing the positioning of the call-out rectangles and superimposed shapes?

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Matt Quiban

Hi Theodore,

Just an idea, but i think you can do this in 2 steps:

1. From Design -> Story Size, change the size of your story manually by decreasing either the width or the height of the story. Keep the "Lock Aspect Ratio" ticked and choose "Scale to Fit" if new size is smaller. This should scale all your objects down all at once without really needing to select them all.

2. Click on Design -> Story Size again, and pick your default size which should be bigger. Choose "Fill Background" and choose Story Position: "Middle Center" if new size is bigger. This will enable you to have space for your colored border area and title at the top of your story.

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