Re-size 'handles' missing when working with Marker labels

I've noticed that the re-size handles (the small squares) regularly disappear from my marker labels making them impossible to re-size. I can move the location of the label by dragging but can't adjust the size. This is quite annoying and seems inconsistent. If I add another marker they can work on the new one but not on the old one!


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Ren Gomez

Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you're experiencing! Is it possible that this course you're working on was upgraded from an older version of Storyline?

We have a bug reported where marker handles can disappear when a marker with states was upgraded to Storyline 360.

If not, please share your .story file with our team to take a closer look and provide some insight into why this is happening!

Angie Branum

I have also noticed this issue, and I don't believe the course was converted to 360 from another Storyline version. I have attached the SL360 file with the single slide where I have the markers.

I noticed when hovering over the top of the marker label that there was a double arrow to make it taller, and the ability to move its position, but no way to resize the width.

Thanks for following this issue!