Rearranged Scenes-lost triggers

Mar 04, 2015

Help!  I'm in the middle of an extensive course that will be a core curriculum item going forward.  I opened the course today and my scenes have all been rearranged and most of the triggers are gone!  I've tried to cut and paste the switched scenes to flow how I need them to be organized but it keeps changing back on me.

This is a big problem for this course as it has a pre-test and branching so it's a lot of work.

Any suggestions?????

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diane clark

Holy cow. I did not realize there was a significant cost to do the upgrade to try to address the issue I was having - I'm in a real pickle now. This is not cool. I do not have authorization from my employer for the purchase and certainly cannot afford to pay for it myself.

How do I reverse the upgrade? I've requested an activation code but I'm sure they're going to ask for the payment before they will provide it.

diane clark

Well, I've been struggling the entire day and have anot been able to ccomplish anything. I only have SL1 in my programs now but I cannot open either the backup or the SL2 version. I've worked with folks here, with Sales and now with Articulate Support and am not even close to being able to resolve the issues. I am a platimum client and it turns out I can upgrade at no cost.

diane clark

I was out of the office on Friday. I am not able to open the file now in SL1 – I just tried this morning. The timing is not good as I need to wrap this course up for a legal and compliance review and now I’ll be spending time figuring out the new SL2 version.


Is there any way to try to open in in SL1? The file is quite large and when I uploaded for support the other day it took a very long time.

diane clark

Emily, John provided me with the info I needed to access the SL1 version of my course. In case anyone else needs the info:

If you want to open the backup file in Articulate Storyline 1, then what you would have to do is to open Articulate Storyline 1 and then use the Browse button to open the SL1 backup file.

I'm getting ready now to preview it to make sure all is working as it should. Thanks.

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