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Mar 13, 2017

I have created a course in SL2 made up of several scenes. I have decided that the scenes would probably flow better in a different order. I have been through and rearranged them, adjusting the next and previous player triggers accordingly. All works swimmingly. 

The one thing that is annoying me is that the original scene numbers are maintained. I can rename the scene itself, but not renumber it. It doesn't make any difference to the learner or the learning experience, but I'd like to be able to export the course to a Word doc as a kind of course companion booklet. When I do this, it exports in scene number order, not my order.

Is anyone aware if theres any way to renumber scenes?

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Stephan Borau

I am also looking for the answer to this question. Several people have asked it and different staff keep giving the same response -- see this article/video. However, the question is never answered by these same responses. I suppose this means that the numbering cannot be changed.

Very frustrating (including reading and reading the same non-answers).

Walt Hamilton

Never try this without LOTS of good backups available. From StoryView, cut the scene with the wrong number, move your cursor to the correct spot and paste the scene. It changes the number.

You may need to experiment to find out if it pastes before or after the current scene.

Of course, if you try this any time other than immediately after you save your story, AND make a complete duplicate copy stored in a different spot, expect to lose everything.

Stephan Borau

Hi Walt.

Thanks for the reply! It's now in working order.

Everything was in the correct order in the storyview, but the scenes were not numbered correctly. In Storyview I cut a scene and clicked on the scene that would precede it, then pasted it. The scene numbering reordered itself!

One hiccup -- one of the scenes got deleted in the process. Able to quickly copy-and-paste from a previous version. It's working well now.

Thanks again Walt.

My apologies to the Storyline crew. In reviewing the video, I see that it does describe the same solution. I would concur with Walt -- make a backup before making too many changes.

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