Reasons why Information may be showing on multiple layers

Feb 08, 2017

Hi All,

       anyone have any idea why text may be appearing on layers when I'm creating multiple layers. I find I have created a menu which takes to a layer  but after hiding text from the other layers I note when I preview the text is appearing on lots of the layers I've made sure layers are not ticked and it clears but then in preview it happens again any ideas.


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Corey Klein

Hi Guys,

Similar issue... 

I've created a page in Storyline 2 with 6 layers.  When I preview it, everything looks great.  Layer 1 runs, fades out, then Layer 2 automatically fades in.  It then runs, fades out, and Layer 3 fades in. Etc.  However, when I click the pause button while previewing, it seems that the timeline is somehow still running behind the scenes and the layer fades out after a short time, even though the page's timeline isn't moving.  Know what I mean?  Then, another of the layers unexpectedly shows up.  Something's off...

I have the trigger set for each layer to appear when the timeline reaches a certain point.  See the attached images and please let me know what you think.

Many thanks,

Corey K.


Corey Klein

Thanks, Wendy.  So, it sounds like you're recommending creating a new trigger for the base layer.  OK, so when I do that, the Action is "Pause timeline", the Timeline is "This slide", but then I'm not sure what to select for the "When".  

I really don't want the timeline to stop when the new layers come in, I just want the page to actually pause if the user does decide to pause.  Whaddya think? 

Corey Klein

I really appreciate your suggestion, Wendy, but it acted even weirder when I selected "Pause timeline...".  Maybe the folks at Articulate Storyline can provide a suggestion.  

Again, I'm just looking for the right settings for a page to run, and pause appropriately (if a user should decide to pause),  when it has multiple layers that don't require the user to do anything - just watch and listen.  I just want the different text and images to appear at the right time, replacing the previous ones, following the page's audio narration.  In the current configuration, everything looks and runs right.  It's only when I previewed and hit "Pause" when it "misbehaved", and is still doing so

I've attached a few more images so you can get the full story.  Let me know if there's anything else you need to solve this one.

Many thanks,


Corey Klein

Hi Ali,

Sure.  I've attached it here.  The page with the layer issue is the 7th page in the first scene (entitled "Our Approach to CBP Enhancement Training").

Note:  I've started using a course that I created earlier this year as a "template" for this one, so the course is definitely a mixture of the two, and a work in progress.  This page that you'll be looking at doesn't have narration yet, but I put in estimated timing for the layers to appear based on the narration script.  As you'll see, I created the 6th page is a duplicate of that page today, but the builds were assembled without using layering, as a potential alternative.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for your help!

I look forward to your comments,


Ali Goulet

Hey Corey,

Thanks so much for sharing your file with me here- no worries, I was able to download it!  

The way you've set this up, that pause button is controlling only the base slide. 

There are two options here that would give you the use of that pause button throughout the slide:

  1. Combine all your layers onto the base layer. You can set it up so that each picture starts and ends at different places in the timeline like this:

    Then everything would share the same timeline.
  2. Enable Pause Timeline of Base Layer. You'll need to reconfigure your triggers a little for this one, as this will show each layer's timeline individually. 

If you want to keep it all based in one uniform timeline, I would recommend going with the first option in this case.

Hope that helps! 😊

Corey Klein

Thanks very much for getting back to me on that, Ali, and I'm glad you received the file.

I like the idea of having everything on one timeline.  So, you said, "Combine all your layers onto the base layer."  That sounds good.  Can you just guide me as to how to do that?  Is that different from what I did on the 6th page of the course that I shared, where the image/text builds were assembled without using layering?

Thanks for your time,


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