Recent Issues with our course in Litmos LMS

Nov 21, 2017

We recently rebuilt one of our courses in Storyline 2 and published the files as SCORMs. We maintained the same publish settings as the previous files we were replacing in live courses in Litmos. Now our users are experiencing a few issues. Some files seem to not be registering certain aspects on the screen and other times, users are seeing a blank screen with just NEXT/PREV in the top left corner (please see the attachment below). 

I've been in contact with Litmos and they're thinking the files are publishing with flash settings and this is causing issues if users don't have flash enabled.

My question is, if we're using the same publish settings as the previous files (which did not have any of these tech issues), could this be something with Storyline 2? Am I missing a setting when publishing or is there a way to disable flash when publishing?

We think the old files were originally built in Storyline 1. Could this be causing the issues?

We updated our course at the same time Litmos updated its interface, which we originally assumed led to the problem, but we're not able to replicate any of these issues on our end. Any ideas?

Thank you for taking the time to read through this!

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Jennifer Young

This is a Litmos issue, not Articulate. We have been doing some course uploads and received the same problem. We brought it up with our Litmos implementation person. She told us that even when we published to HTML and had no FLASH/SWF in the course files, that its calling up the FLASH warning. She said from now until the end of the year, we should publish to SWF with HTML5 back up. Then in 2019, save to HTML5 or HTML5 with FLASH back up. For whatever reason, its calling up the FLASH warning. Some with higher thresholds for pop-ups will see a blank screen, others will get the "click OK" dialog box to allow it to open. Of course the first response from Matt might help- it will open a new window- forcing the learner to see the pop-up and accept it.

I hope this helps.

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