Recommendations for QA process/problems with audio?

Oct 28, 2013


We are having numerous problems linked to our QA process. I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations?

We used DropBox, but were then told that we mustn't work on the files directly but always download a local copy. We experienced corruption of our audio files and were told that this could happen when you work directly on the files in DropBox. The issue I am having with working on files locally is that we lose version control as we will inadvertedly end up with several versions. How have others solved this problem?

Another route we have tried is to use our network drive to share files. In addition to not having version control, we have noticed that the size of text boxes and text is changed from user to user. Where the course looks perfect for one user, if another user opens the same file (directly or copy and save as local copy), some text boxes/text have changed size. We have done some tests and believe that the operating system (Windows 8) could be the cause of this. Has anyone else experienced the same?

We have also looked into using SharePoint as our file sharing tool, but as Storyline is not a Microsoft product, version control via Check in/out does not work. 

Finally, we also experienced audio corruption problems on a course where audio was added locally. The audio played fine from within the in-built audio player. But when previewing the slide, the audio is corrupted, i.e., multiple repetitions of the same sound, like a stutter.

Suggestions, anyone?

Kind regards,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kerstin,

In regards to some general best practices, we've outlined a few here in terms of collaborating on the same project. Working off of the network drive, or USB could be causing the same corruption issues you're experiencing working from Dropbox. 

I can't speak to SharePoint, but I know I've seen other community members discuss using it, so hopefully they'll be able to offer advice here specific to that. 

In regards to the audio that you inserted, the Storyline files and the audio files were both on your local drive when you went to insert them? Are you able to share the audio file here with us? If you'd prefer to share with us privately you can send them along here. 

Kerstin Kapsberger

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your prompt response.

I have submitted a screencast (Case Number: 00362863) that shows the problem. I can send you the original audio file as well, if this helps? And yes, I can confirm that the audio was added locally and the playback issue occurred on the same machine when the file was played locally. 

Thank you for the general best practices link. I will take a look now.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thank you Kerstin, and I see that you're working with Jayem on your case and that he has offered some additional troubleshooting steps. You can send the audio file into Jayem by replying to and he can use that to continue troubleshooting with you. I'll continue to follow along in your case. 

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