Recommended System Requirement for Storyline360 and Storyline3

Jan 08, 2018

Hi everyone,

I'm currently creating an online course using Storyline360 with my notebook but as I build my course, my notebook seems to increasingly lag a lot. I also noticed that there is a significant difference in the amount of memory used for different file sizes. So I suspect that Ram is very important here?


The file at the top is 8.3M and the one at the bottom is 12.5M, both contain some audios. At this rate my notebook will soon die on me as I build up more contents, making the file much larger. Here are my notebook's specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5-560M 2.66Ghz

Memory: 4 GB

Hard disk: 500 GB

Display: Nvidia GeForce 310M

Window 10 64-bit


With tendency that the project I am working on will contain both videos and audios in the files, I am planning to get a more powerful PC to work on it. Can anyone please advice me what will be the recommended system requirement to "smoothly" run Articulate360 and Articulate3 (I purchased both products). I know that there are, and

but you know as well as I do that those are just bare minimum and will not do any good. Thank you in advance!

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Michael Kauzlarich

Hi Duke,

I have a Win 7 64-bit, an i5 2.4GHz, and a newer graphics card(Intel 520). I still run into slowdowns sometimes when using multiple layers and multiple photos on the same slide so I'm thinking the bottleneck is the CPU and not the RAM for me.

It appears your notebook is getting pretty old based on the CPU being released in 2010.

Based on this information I would say a bare minimum of 4 GB of RAM(newer RAM is faster than older RAM even if they are both 4 GB) and preferably 8 GB would be best.

On top of that, I would go for a mid to high tier processor to prevent issues when you start adding video, picture, and audio to slides.


Duke Intraprasert

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the recommendation! And yes,  my notebook is pretty old and so the Ram, been using it for around 6-7 years now.

I’m also looking at 8GB of ram (if not more) and will probably go for a decent processor just like you recommended. I just want to make sure I dont waste money getting a PC that doesn’t work well with Articulate or an overkill PC.

There is one file I was working on, it contains 6 slides. Out of these 6, 5 contains around 50-55 layers where each layer contains 2-3 images.  And my Ram went up to 2,1xx MB. I could not even save my work as I got an error message saying “not enough memory to save the file...”

I’m just wondering what else should put me on the safe zone apart from 8 Gb of Ram. Would be great if anyone can provide more specific recommendation.

Michael Kauzlarich

Hi Duke,

I was curious about what all is needed for Storyline so I opened a ticket. The support rep stated the following:

1) Storyline does take advantage of multi-core CPUs.

2) Storyline does not use video cards.

3) Using an SSD will benefit Storyline.

So, You should shoot for the best CPU and most RAM you can afford. Also, if it doesn't raise the price too much then shoot for a small SSD with enough memory to fit Windows, Storyline, and files/media you save. A newer i7 or that last version of it would definitely be something too shoot for or the newer i5. You are already going for 8 GB of RAM so that should do.

I don't have any specific laptop recommendations though so anyone else feel free to provide that information.

Duke Intraprasert

Hi Michael,

Thank you for taking your time. This sounds like a great guideline. Should be enough to get me going, much appreciated!

As much as I would love to use a laptop so I can work on the go, but I assume the price will be quite high with the right specs. No choice but to go for PC.


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