Record audio in SL2 after Flash goes away?

A couple members of our team use Storyline 2 to record audio when we want a variety of voices in a course (e.g. when simulating a conversation). Since they do not develop courses, they do not plan to upgrade to SL3. Will audio recording/editing still work in SL2 after Flash goes away? Does SL2 audio recording/editing/saving/importing/exporting have any Flash dependencies?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Art,

Thank you for reaching out! 

Since Storyline 2 relies on Flash to operate, Microsoft won't allow the Flash Player to operate on supported versions of Windows. In case this helps, we have a great resource that explains the details of what to expect here:

Please let us know if you have any questions! 

Art Allen

Yes, I read that article, as well as the system requirements for SL2. So, I understand that overall, SL2 requires Flash, probably for previewing and other "output/visual" functions. But, specifically, after Flash goes away, can SL2 still be used to simply record audio? Sorry if I missed that detail somewhere, but that is all a couple of my colleagues need to do. Then, those of us who have SL3 will import that audio into the course we are developing and continue from there. Or, maybe I am missing the main point - will SL2 not even open up and work at all once Flash goes away?

Ren Gomez

Hi Art,

Thanks for following up! Since Microsoft won't allow the Flash Player to operate on supported versions of Windows, you'll most likely run into issues opening Storyline 2 as it's dependent on Flash. 

If all you need to record is audio, perhaps you can use an online tool such as Audacity or even QuickTime Player!