Record completion of different scenes

I have a project

Scene 1 - Welcome Scene

Scene 2 - Menu Slide

Scene 3 - Option 1

Scene 4 - Option 2

Scene 5 - Option 3

Scene 6 - Certificate

I want to be able to record on the certificate which of the three options the user has completed. Different users would need to complete different combination of options

I would like to have something that when I complete Option 1 it changes a tick box on the Certificate slide to selected.

On each of my Option # final slides there is a button that returns the users to the menu slide.

I have tried creating a variable - in Scene 3 the variable is set to change state to True when the user clicks on the return to menu button. 

I have added a trigger on the certificate slide to change the state of the check box to selected when the variable is set to True.

It doesn't work - can anyone help me please??

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Melissa

create three T/F variables 'Option1', 'Option2', 'Option3' default to false.

On the final slide of each option set a trigger to adjust variable Optionx to true when user clicks the button.

On the certificate slide have your triggers

  • 'change state of option1' to selected when timeline starts on Certificate slide on condition that option1= true.  Repeat for each option.

Hope that helps - if not it's easier to offer a solution if we can see your setup so you can upload your story file using the grey 'ADD ATTACHMENT' button at the bottom of the post.