Record your screen - No options to insert my Try and Test slides

Feb 09, 2023


I've created a Show me screen recording. When I go to Slides tab >> Record >> Record Your Screen, my recording doesn't display. Just opens the recording feature. Help please!


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Susi B

Hi Jane,

without seeing your problem, it's hard to say what went wrong. Did you follow the steps for recording as per the Storyline User Guide? See the link here:

If you have imported it into your Storyline project directly after recording, it should be saved there for further use.

If you are still having problems, you can contact Articulate Support:



Jose Tansengco

Hi Jane,

You're correct in that your screen recordings should be visible in the section shown in this screenshot:

If your recordings aren't there, there's a chance they did not get saved properly. Additionally, if they aren't in any of your other Storyline 360 project files, you'll need to recreate the recordings from scratch and make sure that they appear in the 'Record Screen' section so you can reuse them for future use.

For any additional questions or if you' like us to take a closer look at what happened, open a case with our support team here.