Recording from software called Tilos does see pop up window in Tilos

May 14, 2023

Recording from software called Tilos does not see details in pop up window in Tilos. Using Snagit captures normally. I have attahced both 

1- the SL360 capture

2- the snagit capture

I intended creating a step by step so i need SL360 to do it properly. I can send the raw SL360 if you wish or is there a log file that you need

Can someone form Articulate review this , i aprreciate community voalunteers, however, I am paying much money for this subscription so i expect proper support from trianed technicians.






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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

the screenshots of Tilos* do not look like the program is written with an actual windows library - partly it looks like windows xp.

the popup is animated (scaled and faded in) - this is a special solution - why do this with such a program?

storyline does not simply capture the screen pixel by pixel - it hooks into the windows event and digs individual elements. This can only work if the programs adhere to the usual rules.

interesting would be the test with Camtasia - there is also "intelligent" grabbing (but of course not compatible with storyline step-by-step).

* are you on the newest version Tilos 11.1+

Tom Hadley

Thank you for your response. Areyou an Articulate Employee ??

Secondly i wish to sate that im hust a user NOT technician. Ido not understand the jargon you use in your response. I am using the latest update of Tilos 11.4 . I use Tilos as part of my professional work as an engineer .Can you suggest an alternative which does Linear scheduling ?

I tested with Snagit which is a Techsmith product like Camtasia. I ahve tested Tilos screen capture with Camtasia in the past not with this particular Tilos. Project. 

I just want to get on with my job i expect some feedback from Articulate support abotu this bug or a dsicount on my subscritpion  until it is fixed. IT costign me money with it NOT working. Please pass my response on to soemone in the employee team at Articulate.


Jürgen Schoenemeyer

>I tested with Snagit which is a Techsmith product like Camtasia.

as far as I know - you can compare
- Snagit with Peek 360 (simple screen capturing direkt to mp4)
- Camtasia with Storyline step-by-step (complex screen capturing to an internal editable format)

if the desired final result should be a video - Camtasia is a much better solution than Storyline

Tom Hadley

Thanks please pass this on to someone in Artucalte HO. I explained that I want to use the Step by Step in Stroryline NOT just a video. I know Camtasia is better with video. That is not the point. I want a solution NOT a discussion about other software,Please do not resposnd unless you can give a resolution

Jose Tansengco

Hello Tom, 

If you do a search in your inbox for all emails containing the number 03655850, which is the case number of the case that you opened, you'll locate all of the correspondence that you've had regarding the issue. All you need to do is respond to the most recent email in order to connect with the support agent who is handling your case. 

I can see that my colleague Mick is already working with you on this issue. You're in good hands, and I recommend continuing this conversation through the support case. I'll let my colleague know that you are active in this ELH post as well!